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Sometimes two brains are better than one. Let me help you bring your song idea to life. A knack for poetry, creative writing and the ability to pair the energy of the lyrics to the beat allows for a diverse spectrum of creativity.

Lets create together!

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Lyric Video

Let your fans interact with your song and its meaning further by providing an exceptional visual that will engage them as they read and listen along. They Can be done with one motion background and expressive texts or changing backgrounds/clips and expressive text (Prices Vary). I take time and detail with matching the energy of the song to the delivery of the lyrics. 

Completed 3-5 Days

Motion Art/
Spotify Canvas

Bring your still photos and graphics to life with motion movement and music (if desired). These graphics are great for standing out on social media, marketing  campaigns, and can also be used as Spotify Canvases. 

Completed 24-48hrs